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About Us.

The Big Thing, is design initiative taken up by two Architects, Ankit Grover & Stuti Mittal with a vision to promote unique design competitions amongst Young Designers and take pleasure in endorsing their creativity and talent by granting the best of them adequate prizes and good exposure amongst paper and web platform.​”We aim to create a platform that motivates Young Designers to foster their creativity and broaden their horizons of imagination.”​Years of rigorous training, hard work, endless juries & redo’s makes a normal student an Architect. Being an Architect is a proud feeling in itself because you are a only few in the world that has different vision of looking at the world. We have the power to express through our creative minds & the responsibility of converting people’s dream into reality. But today there are “n” number of architectural professionals in the world. In this new information age, countless creative concepts go unnoticed. One portfolio should not be the only way to judge one’s creative mindset. It is for this reason we have created this platform “The Big Thing” to promote young minds by organizing international architecture design competitions. Our team of architectural professionals works to develop unique competition themes which is created after hours of discussions & debates. The briefs we design are not just conceptual ideas instead we look for real life issues faced by society at different contexts so that our participants can provide a solution to the society through their architectural genius.

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